I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Princess Turns 2

Aaaaahhh... Baru type tajuk entry, hati dah rasa sebak. Tetiba touching lak. How do I start this entry?

Hmmm.. Shall I start now? Okeh. There you go AJ.

My 1st little princess turns 2 years old on 25th June 2013. Which means today. She's all grown up! Aaaaaahhh touching nya rasa. Apahal tah. Sayu sangat. 

Maybe because lately ni aku dah jarang bagi attention kat Damia. Mama used to say that between Damia and Bella, I should give more attention to Damia instead. Reason being, Damia dah besar and Damia dah mula paham how to merajuk and all that. Unlike Bella, she's too small to understand what happens around her. That make sense anyway tapiiii Bella needs me because she's still a little baby. Aaaaarrrgghhh T___T 

Sometimes I do the tandem nursing. I'll breastfeed both of them at the same time. Itu akan berlaku bila Damia mula cemburu tatkala Mommy sedang nursing Bella. But don't get me wrong. Damia loves Bella sooo much. 

She's such a lovely big sister. She would do anything for her little sister. For instance, masa Bella menangis, Damia akan berkata, "Come come. Sit down." sambil tepuk peha sendiri dan selak bajunya untuk breastfeed Bella 😱😱😱. Omaigod anak Mommy!!! +____+ 😑😑

Another thing yang tak boleh blah bagi aku adalah Damia terlalu sayangkan Bella sampaikan every second every single moment Damia nak kiss Bella termasuk ketika Bella sedang tidur hinggakan Bella terjaga daripada tidur. Yaaa. Damia is so penyayang like that 😅😅

There's one thing in my heart that always makes me feel guilty as a Mommy. I've never thrown up Damia a birthday party where she can blow the candle and sing the happy birthday song with her friends. Yup. Never. Not even once in her life time. 

We only celebrated her 1st birthday by bringing her to Hong Kong Disneyland one week earlier before her birthday. But yeah. Only 3 of us. Mommy, Daddy and Damia herself.

And yeaah. We did the same thing too this year. We celebrated her 2nd birthday by bringing her travelling around the UK one week earlier before her birthday. Bezanya, this time around, she has Mommy, Daddy, Atuk, Nenek & Bella around.

We went to London, Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Sheffield, Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham before coming back to Exeter.

She had so much fun I can tell.

But still.... I still feel guilty for not throwing a birthday party for her. It's like alaaahaii kesiannya anak aku tak pernah menjalani kehidupan bayi-bayi riang yang gembira where she can play balloon and eat cakes with her friends pada hari jadinya. No? It's not that necessary I KNOW but well If you get what I mean. Hmm...

So tahun ni, aku mengharapkan magic can happen to Damia. Yeah. I do really hope so. Just wait and see.

Damia Zahraa Darling,

Happy 2nd birthday to you. Be a good daughter. Be a good sister to Bella. Be an intelligent baby. Be a good granddaughter to Atuk, Nenek, Aki & Wan. Be a good friend to everybody. The most important thing is, be a good Muslimah. Be a good servant to Allah swt. Mommy and Daddy akan sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk Damia. May Allah ease every single journey in your life. InsyaAllah.


Mommy, Daddy & Bella


deena awanis said...

damia lagi lucky babe..rafique xde birthday present round HK and UK like hers..

Eta said...

Salam, eta yg baca ni pun tetiba touching. Happy birthday damia :-). Bertuah damia dpt mummy hebat. One day dia mst bangga:-)

Farrah Diana said...

happy 2y young kak damia :)

takpe xde besday party, kn mommy dah ganti bwk g jln2 merata2.. lg bes :)