I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maxis Scholarship Interview

After few weeks of being frustrated coz didn't manage to go to the 2nd stage of Khazanah Scholarship, got an inviting email from Maxis to attend their 1st stage of selection process. Terus rasa hidup ini ada sinar kembali :D

So off I went to the 1st stage of Maxis scholarship interview yesterday. My interview session was at 3pm. I chose to be interviewed at that hour anyway. Aku tak sure macam mana sponsorship bodies lain. But as far as I know, usually we'll be given the date and day terus kan. Unlike Maxis, they only gave me the time frame of the interview and asked me to choose due to my availability. Hence, I was the only candidate who attended the evening session yesterday. Haha

It was one-to-one interview. The panel is from India. Iya. India heii. Bollywood mari heii. Meranam Ajlaa heiii. Terasa seperti di interview oleh Shah Rukh Khan heii. Kehkehkeh heii. Eh shadap AJ heiii. Baiklah heii *PANG*


The interview went very well. Alhamdulillah. More to borak-borak session like why this why that. Ala standard interview la. Siap boleh tukar bilik interview lagi sebab panel tu tersalah masuk meeting room. Yelah. During the interview session tu, people kept knocking/coming in to our room. Rupanya kitorang salah interview room. 1st time dowh interview ada rehat sebentar bersama kit kat. HAHAHA.

My session took about 1 hour++ camtu. Huh? Lama? Eh tak lama lagi tu. Last year, aku pernah kena interview dengan Sime Darby selama 1 jam setengah okay! Ate kebas my ass duduk lelama dalam tu. A week after that, Damia pon lahir. Miahahaha.

So bagi aku, yang Maxis semalam tu, tak berapa lama sangatlah sebab seriously macam borak-borak session. Tak rasa stressful and all that.. Syukur.. Luckily I managed to understand his slang. Maklumla, kaki Bollywood. Kahkahkah *PANG*

All in all, I still hope for the best. Though I've secured myself with Mara, it would be nice if I've been offered with a scholarship. No?

Whatever it is, what I can do is, keep praying. Allah Maha Mendengar bukan? Good things come to those who wait. InsyaAllah =)

Pray for me ye kawan-kawan. Amin...

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