I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Monday, March 26, 2012

Her Age is 9 Months Old

This little princess has turned 9 months old yesterday. How time flies very fast right. I still remember the moment I gave birth to her 9 months back then. It was such a wonderful moment I can tell =')

Damia dah nak berjalan. But still perlu dipegang with under supervision la. Kalau dah boleh berlari ni, memang Mommy wajar menjadi athlete kembali. Muahahah. Ini pon puas Mommy cari bawah dining table. Rindu nak ada newborn lagi. Hmm.. Damia nak adik? EH #tetiba

Yes Damia Darling. Mummy + Daddy will always love you for the whole entire of life. Though you always bite my nips while having your breastmilk, but I'm fine. For the sake of your brain development, Mommy is always fine though it hurts me real hard sampaikan Mommy menjerit kesakitan. I know you won't understand why I was screaming out loud on that day. Daddy did. As long as Daddy understands, that would be enough for me +___+ 

Dear Damia Darling,
be good, be nice, be happy and be a cheeky baby as always. Mommy and Daddy will always love you and aaaahhh ayat yang sama which I never feel bored repeating it again and again and again..Muahx

Petang ni nak pergi beli hadiah birthday Damia yang ke-9 bulan. Bonus dah masuk. Yeeppaa!!

a blessed mother, a happy wife,

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