I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mohon Tuhan Panjangkan Umur Mereka

Browsing through some pictures which reminiscing me the good old days on my convocation dayS. So there goes this entry.

Few days before my graduation day back in 2009, I felt so scared what if my parents won't be able to attend my BIG day. Speaking about Qada' and Qadar, everything could happen unpredictably. Hearing about one of my acquaintance friends who had lost her mother a day before her convo day made me feel traumatized T_T

What if. What if. What if.

So the moment both of my lovely parents managed to witness their the-one-and-only-daughter on the stage, being awarded a graduating scroll, Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the University, that would be enough for them (and for me as well). Bukankah itu impian setiap ibu bapa, no?

Having a boyfriend who was willing to apply for one day annual leave just to attend his girlfriend's convocation day pon would be thankful for me. Got an extra ticket from my colleague, for him to enter and witness the unforgettable event in the Dewan Tunku Canselor, UM.

BUT, bear in mind people, Allah works in a very mysterious way!

A year after been graduated as a degree holder, I've been nominated by the company to be one of the UEM scholars back in 2010. UEM is a company that I'm currently working with. UEM stands for United Engineers Malaysia. Not the University of Eh MakanJeTau EhTetiba PangKangAJ!

And a year after that, after going trough all kind of impediments, I've graduated as a master holder in Master of Management. Again, Alhamdulillah.

And again, I felt so scared if my parents won't be able to attend my BIG day. Speaking about Qada' and Qadar.... (sila rujuk perenggan atas untuk ayat penyambungan)

Dejavu much? Yes. Exactly!

But hey! As been mentioned earlier, Allah works in a mysterious way, right! There was not only my Mama who managed to see her daughter, but my daughter also got to witness her Mommy receiving her graduating scroll on the stage. MasyaAllah...

BUT HEYY! Yup. It's a capital letter of B.U.T. H.E.Y.Y.!.

No more extra free ticket. No more a boyfriend seating together in the convocation hall. No more! No more! No more! *Gaya Adlin Aman Ramlie dalam MLM please!*

There's a reason why WF got a chance to get an extra ticket 2 years back then. Because 2 years after that, it's been determined by The Lord, that a day before my graduation day, he had to undergo some minor operations at HUKM Speacialist Centre which led him unabled to witness his legal wife receiving a scroll during her graduation day. It was really... sad :'(

With regards to that, the moment I've gotten my scroll, I rushed like a mad to the hospital together with my parents and baby, just to capture the above moment. Damia knows nothing about this. She was just a 4 months old baby. But I'm pretty sure, once she has grown up, she would understand and gonna appreciate her precious parents. InsyaAllah.

BUT. Being WF, he forced us to go back to PICC just to take a photo on the stage where I've been awarded. Unfortunately, the place was already closed and there's only 1 convocation banner somewhere along the road, outside the PICC hall.

The woman in the picture above is my Mother in law. She stayed at the hospital accompanying my husband during my convocation day. Kalau bukan Isteri yang jaga, haruslah Mak yang take over kan :)

Be it a wife, a girlfriend, a sister or whoever they are:
Kesetiaan seorang perempuan diuji ketika lelaki berada dalam kesusahan. Kesetiaan seorang lelaki diuji ketika mereka berada dalam kesenangan. Ingat sampai mati wahai kaum Adam!

My mothers. Mama and Mak! =)

Praying hard to Allah, semoga dipanjangkan umur aku serta umur mereka yang aku sayangi, agar they are still being able to witness my next achievements in the future. It could be my doctorate convocation perhaps. InsyaAllah.

I have already received 3 PhD placements in the UK. InsyaAllah going into 4 and 5. But on the scholarship part, the sponsors are just opened their application this month. So the result will be announced somewhere in April or May.

On the other notes, doakanlah aku dapat scholarship. Terima kasih semua. Amin....

bersabar dan terus berdoa,


deena awanis said...

baju kurung sedondon ngn damia tu saje buat aku rasa nak preggy to gegirl skrg kan??

insyaallah ada rezeki nanti..=)

AJ The Mommy said...

aku pon rasa pregnant lagi. tak kesahlah boy or girl. hehe


Em's Family said...

honestly im so love reading this entry .. yes, Allah knows best kan.. waaa phD pulak tu.. me sampai degree je lah.. tak mampu den nak belajar.. tak dak semangat :D

AJ The Mommy said...

Hehe thanks Amira. Alaa I pon time tgh semangat je ni, hope berterusan lah semangat ni. Kalau stop tgh jalan, aduiii. Hahahabisss