I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Friday, April 20, 2012

Turning 26th Today =)

Today, on 19th April 2012, I turn 26th years old. Alhamdulillah. So hokkay. Here goes story of the day on my birthday. Hehe

Slept quite early last night. Was down into fever. Then, woke up in the early morning. Still had to go to the office. Got lot of things to do since we are now in the midst of scholarship selection process. On the other note, mc is not allowed. Hehe

Woke up quite early. Had my morning shower. Went out from the bathroom and OMG!!! Damia and Daddy were waiting for me at the dining table. I can see a cake with candle on top of it. Dengan Damia muka blur bangun tido tapi dah senyum senyum. Daddy muka serabai terus cubaan buat surprise, I was so shocked to see that. That's really cute, I guess.

Knowing him, I know he's not that kind of surprise person. He doesn't know how to do surprise thingy. So this time around, I was expected for nothing. I don't want to be like years before. Hoping for something but ended up with nothing.

But Alhamdulillah, he's improved everyone!!! LOL. Thanks dear husband. Thanks dear baby. I love you both so much and till death do us apart. Muahss

Owh! I got a chance to be one of the interview panels for UEM scholarship for this year. Thanks to my boss for taking 2 days mc. LOL. Get well soon boss =)

Owh aku just nak cerita, during the interview session, I always happened to write 19/04/1986 instead of 2012 for the date on the assessment sheet. Like what the ppffftttt..

Ok tu je. Bye

Eh belum. Ada lagi. Got two candidates sang a happy birthday song to me. Goose bump wehh! Suara sangat sedap! Tak caya, tanya the other panels. Haha

Oklah. Nak tido. Thanks for all the wishes everyone. Ada yang tak sempat reply lagi tu, aku continue esok eh. Muahs.

I love myself as what I am. You guys should too. Till then peeps =)

a birthday woman,

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Dayana said...

nak gigit damia boleh???!!!

PutriesNoora said...

happy belated birthday Aj!