I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Have Changed. A Lot!

I have changed a lot. Not to say that I want to be like this. But I have to be like this. When I was not married yet, thought I won't change once I got married. But I was wrong. Time has spoken word by word.

Happened to read my old blog. Sometimes I have no idea where the hell all the ideas came out to crap crap and crap in that blog. I crapped a lot you know! Well, I still am but in different ways/subjects of course.

I started to write a blog when I was in my 2nd year in UM. Last time, I was hanging out with my friends until midnight and sometimes till the day after. Nama pon muda remaja kan. Hohoho. I blogged at night once I got back from outing. So whenever I got back from outing, I straight away sat in front of my lappy, and started to blog about what had happened during my day time. Even beli Tako Tao kat Mid Valley pon I blogged about it. So gelabah cuteee I KNOW! HAHAHA. Lempang skang!

And now, I am a Mommy. I have a baby and husband of course. So it's hard to be like what I was before. I think in terms of sensitivity, I have changed due to my hormone changes. Blame on it. Can't I?

Being a Mother, I have a feeling that no one can feel what I felt. Only a Mother feels it. Maaf kalau ada yang terasa but this is so true dear.

Lots to talk but I'm running out of words now. I was cried when I read my old blog. I do not know why I cried but I did! Maybe I miss being young LIKE KAU DAH TUA SANGAT AJ? HAHAHA PANG!!! Baiklah. Kalau cenggitu, forever 21 la eh. Eh sempat lagi?! Kukikuki.

 A week before getting a title of 'Puan Ajlaa Shazwani' =)

bila nak update blog, aku akan sentiasa rasa guilty dengan diri sendiri sebab Research Proposal tak siap-siap lagi. Nak sambung PhD ke tanak ni AJ woiiii DUSHHH!

I am,


deena awanis said...

ok fine aku terasa ngan ayat last ko tuh!!aku laa tu yang tak buat2 proposal pasal do update blog jer!!LOL

AJ The Mommy said...

hahahhaha tak bermaksud! ;p

~ilyanie_usyuk~ said...

Wep asal tak bleyh bace da blog lama kau? nampak sgt aku ketinggalan hehehe

AJ The Mommy said...

aku dah tak guna yg lama la babe. haha