I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jump Jump Jump Sac Sac Sac

Jump Jump Baby! *music ice ice baby berkumandang yo!*

I am so in love with this JumpSac Baby ever since I browsed about it while I was preggy. Reason being, of all brands for stylo baby carrier, I can tell that JumpSac Baby is the cheapest one if compared to Ergo Baby, Baby Bjorn and so forth.

But then, I was so down when it stated that the carrier is meant for 6 months old baby and above. Practically up to 3 - 4 years old. Aduinyapun!

And now! Since December is here HELLO DECEMBER PLEASE BE NICE TAHU ECEH ECEH so I am sooooo determined to get one of the carrier collections.

Let's check them out bebeh!

JumpSac Baby Carriers are proudly designed and made in Malaysia. Thus, in order to support our Malaysian brand ECEH DAN DAN JE KAN, so I will promise to myself to buy one of the collections. Plus, since Daddy is too comfort with his Moby Wrap, so I want to feel comfort with my choice as well. JumpSac Baby, that is. Hohoho!

But now I am confused! I have no idea which design should I choose. Semua pon cun okay! Duh! 

Ah never mind. I still have like another 1 month to make a decision. So just wait and see what the final result would be.

An Indecisive Mommy,


deena awanis said...

bab2 natural parenting ni kan, baby wearing je aku rasa sangat gagal..hihi

AJ The Mommy said...

sebab kau tak guna kan. hehe