I Am AJ The Mommy

I Am AJ The Mommy

Monday, January 16, 2012

Damia Can Sit Yo!

As Damia starts becoming more active, I will make sure that every day I'd teach her to pronounce Mom, Mommy, Dad, Daddy over and over again. I love seeing her laugh and cheeky smile whenever I said those words to her. It really melts my heart as a Mommy. Aarrggh gewaamm.. Like seriously!

Eventhough I didn't go out during last weekend, but I still had a blast one. The best part is, I managed to witness my baby sits without support. Yes, she can already sit without any supports bebeh!! Unfortunately, Daddy was not there to enjoy the most unforgettable moment in our parenthood life. HAHA #kasibakarline

 Enjoying her new nursery rhyme - Old Macdonald Had A Farm!

Damia was too excited watching the video and laughed happily ever after (?) when I tried to emulate the cat's sound,"With a meow meow here and a meow meow there!". Good girl!!

When she became tired, she started to lie down and continued watching

Oh no! Not too close. It's not good for your eyes. Next time please don't okay Darling?

A blessed mother,


deena awanis said...

congrats damia..=)hugs..muahhh

AJ The Mommy said...

welcome aunty deena :)